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Buying a GPS Unit and Accessories

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My Brother-In-Law introduced me to geocaching and I now want to get a unit. I have been researching the forums all day and have landed on the Garmin Venture Cx as the right model for me. I have identified that I need (they are in the budget for the initial purchase) a 2GB MicroSD card to go with it and the USB Cable. Are there any additional accessories that I need to get started?


Also, I saw on Garmin's website that this unit will have geocaching mode and outdoor GPS games. Do I need to know anything about these before I buy, or is it just a different mode that I might or might not use.


As it relates to mapping software, it doesn't seem that I need this day 1 to geocache. I will probably pick some up in a few weeks/months as I learn more about the unit and research what is available. Are there any other software (free or purchase) that I will want sooner rather than later? Any not recommended software?


Finally, I borrowed my father-in-laws Garmin (not sure model) several years ago for a driving trip and with a map he loaded into it was able to see pretty close to where I was. Had only one day to look at it before the trip, so I didn't do much with it. The question is, is it the unit or map program that controls how close you can zoom to a particular area. And will I be able to see anything with whatever comes preloaded on the Garmin, or is that the whole reason for purchase of a map program.


Sorry for the many questions, thanks for any insights.

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Welcome to the Forums! :anicute:


That is a good choice for your first GPSr. Before you purchase the USB cable, check the ones you already have for cameras or other gear because you may already have one. I have three . . . :laughing:


The City Navigator maps are the ones you will want to take advantage of the ability of that GPSr to auto-navigate you around unfamiliar areas. I use those maps on my Garmin Vista C.


The additional things you might want to purchase are an Invisible Shield for the screen on the GPSr.


You will want to become a Premium Member of the site so you can create Pocket Queries. Then, to handle all that data, you might want to check out GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). And, if you already have a PDA, you might want to get Cachemate so you can cache "paperless."


Welcome to the Addiction! :wub:

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I've had my Venture Cx for two weeks now. I paid $292 for it plus a 2GB card, bike mount, carrying case, and DC adapter. The price included taxes and shipping from Amazon. I generally shop at offroute.com, but Amazon beat them by $30 after adding the accessories. I previously cached with a 60cs and must say I prefer the button arrangements on it over the Etex. Before the 60cs, I had and still use an Etrex Vista.

The mapping software will run you another $115; updates are currently $75.


The Cx is a very capable 'lil unit. It is a bit slower, processing wise, than the 60cs but much faster then the old Legend/Vista's. I was surprised to find out it features an alarm clock; calendar; stop watch; and a calculator.


It appears that the new HCx Etrex' have good/bad points. Check out this 'lil flyer.

It appears the Venture HC will not have a memory card. The Legend HCx will, but price goes up to $290. The 'H' designation is touted as a "High Sensitivity Receiver". Whether that refers to the SiRF chip remains to be known.

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