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GW5 Sunburst Geocoin

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Well.. its that time!


Time for us to finally spill the beans on our GW5 contribution to the Geocoin Community!


This coin has been in the making for several months now - It popped into my head when I was thinking of something unique for the event...


I had hoped that it could be done, and the process was one that was pretty complex, and we went through a few stressful moments over whether it COULD be done and, would it be in time!?


We waited to let everyone know about them - until they came in. Which I just received note from Castle Man - they JUST arrived.


There will be more photos added tonight, but if you would like a sneak peek - just visit:


GW5 Sunburst Geocoin


We hope you all like it as much as we do.


Now, for specifics.


The coin is going to be available during GW5, and after the event - to the public. We aren't sure if all metals will be reminted after the first run, so get those at the event while you can!


We will also have matching pins available!


The coin is 1.75" and 3.5mm thick. The enamel is ENTIRELY translucent, for a stained glass effect.

Both Castle Man and myself are EXTREMELY proud of this coin.


(Designed by me :laughing: , minted by Castle Man!)


So... I hope you all love it. We sure do.

And check back for those updated photos later tonight!



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Now I know how it felt for those not able to go to GeoCoinFest. WHAAAA! :laughing::anicute: You guys outdid yourselves on these... positively delicious!! I'm not sure I get the icon, though. No matter, luv the coins.

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Yes, there will be plenty of these after the event. We will be continuing the thread and making an announcement for those who did not get to attend the event. But that'll be when I get back on the 30th. At that time I'll post a forum thread for orders. What a fantastic response, thanks a bunch.

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Not Goin to GW5, But these are awesome!!!!! Had the thought in my head to go dont ya know!....Everyday for the last month!

Will be eagerly awaiting these Beauts when youins get back from the Biggest Geobash of the year!-Nice coin!

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:laughing: Fantastic coin guys :anicute: After mine I knew that because you were excited about it that it was going to be one of those "Must Have's"!


Pretty sure I won't be able to make it to GW5 :wub: But will be keeping an eye out for one afterwards. That is unless someone wants to pick one up for me and do a trade :wub:

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A big thanks for all the positive feedback. I love this coin, and am VERY proud.

The antique copper edition is my Artist XLE - and I will have those for special trades!


Also watch for a ONE OF A KIND version at GW5.


Can't wait to see/meet everyone!!


We will for sure be there at 7PM Sat! I cant wait to see everyone!


With the expected popularity of your coins, are you going to have a set time that the line forms in front of your spot at the table for trades/sales? Maybe like 7:01pm??

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I really like this coin! I won't be going to GW5 but have asked a friend to pick up a couple metals just in case they won't be available after the event. How do you artists come up with the concepts you do? I have no idea but I sure enjoy reaping the benefits of your talent.

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