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Free unactivated geo coin for cachers living in Europe

Blood Hound Gang Waggy
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ok heres the deal My familys personal geo coin has been minted. The Blood Hound Gang geo coin, it is trackable at geocaching .com, and has its own unique icon. We have allready released some of the coins here in the states, to be found in caches. However I would Like some of the coins released in Europe as well. I got to visit Europe once and Loved it! I can no longer afford to travel there, So Im offering to the first 10 geocachers living in Europe, that respond to my post, a free Blood Hound Gang trackable geo coin, with its own unique icon. I will send you 2 coins, one that is yours to keep or do with as you like, and the second will allready be activated please drop the activated coin into a cahe, to get it started on its way visiting caches in Europe. Keep the unactivated coin as a gift for helping me to get some of my coins started in caches in Europe. I will pay for the postal cost to send the coins. I just need help from 10 geocachers living in any of the European countries with geocaches who are willing to place my coin in a cache there. I say Europe, but England, Ireland, and Scotland, cachers are welcome to this offer also. If your willing to help e-mail me. To see the coin and its icon check out my profile.


Best Wishes

Waggy of the Blood Hound Gang

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Thank you All for the responses to my offer. I HAVE MY POST LIST FULL NOW. I will mention that im glad I was contacted by e-mail from a geo cacher in Australia. Sheesh I never thought to mention, other world countries, such as Australia, and Asian countries aswell in my original post, ( SILLY ME ) so I was glad That many diffrent countries did reply. So anyway im done with the offer now as I said My list is full. A big sorry to others who are not on my list, that did respond. I had more responses than I had coins to give away LOL! My dad liked how I did this and I think in future he will make a similar post. so again Thanks to you all.


More news we are done with the post but the good news is that My dad, has helped me out with this, because my surplus of coins to give away was gone. he has adopted all the others and is sending his active coin, and the free gift coin it is the same coin Blood Hound gang geo coin, so all The people from all the various countries who replied will get a coin. Sorry to the Americans that responded, hopefully you will find some of the coins that are turned loose in the wild here, and collect the icon for it.



Heidi aka Waggy of the Blood Hound Gang :laughing:

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Does Australia count as a European country? searchme.gif If so, i'll gladly release some for you :D




Me too - after all, we're really Austria with an extra AL! :D




New Zealand is beside AUSTRalIA... so I'm not sure where we fit in!? :D


Congrat's to everyone, especially BHG on their new coin!

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