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2007 Indiana geocoin


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Ok. Oak informed me I can do both single and two tone on the samples, so i'll go ahead and do that. I'll also have them make two in bronze, one for myself, and one to do something special with in the future.


If we are to do a competely single tone, the raised stars on the nickel back would be nickel as well.


We can stick with the two tone on the nickel coin back and make the stars gold. That is what was done last year.


I'm going to pay the die fees and order the samples towards the end of this week. last chance for suggestions. Heres the current rendering:




I would say order them. I like them. :angry:

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The preordering will open as soon as I receive the samples.


Doesn't look like it is possible to have them by the fall picnic now. I'd like to have the preordering open for at least a month.


So, what i'm going to do is leave the preordering open through September 9th. I will take orders at the fall picnic for those of you who would prefer to pay in cash. As well as any other events I attend during that period.


That would put ETA in the first half of October.

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I agree with Cpt.Blackbeard about the stars on the back needing to remain gold. It won't seem the same as the two-tone issue because of the blue background, anyway.


I also like the ammo can at the top on the front more now that the wording is better spaced.

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Well, it does incur the two tone charge, but it's not exactly the same issue, no. We'll do them in gold.

Well, that just means that we Hoosiers get our glorious wonderful special all gold version of the coin for a lower cost than the "other" version, right?


Seems fair to me --of course, I was born smack dab in the middle of Indianapolis, and am a certified, card-carrying Hoosier through and through. Don't tell my beloved husband, the splendid Neos 1, who was accidentally born on the bluegrass side of the Ohio River.

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They were already going to be $2 cheaper than the other one because all of the Groundspeak tracking charges. I doubt the two tone charge would change the price enough for it to go down any more. I mean, I could charge "$5.77" for the coin, but that would really make an accounting mess. It's much easier to say "$6".

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