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Which batteries are best?

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I prefer standard Duracell as I go for long periods without using my GPS. When I turn it on after 1/2 weeks I like it to show some power left in the batteries. AIUI rechargeables don't hold their charge very well. If you use yours very regularly then rechargeables would be a good way to go.

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Having recently got my hands on a 60cs I would like some advice on the best type/brand of battery to use, your comments please

NiMH rechargeables every time. Cheaper (reusable), FAR less waste (just think of the nasty stuff going into landfill for one-use disposables) and work just fine. My 76S has soldiored on at -25C in Finland on nothing more than Jessops own brand NiMH.

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I've been using the same uniross 2500mah rechargables and charger for years and they're still going strong.

As others have said rechargables can go flat if you don't use them for a while so you need to get into the habit of charging them up before you go out. This usually takes me less than an hour though.


I also keep a few spare non-rechargables in my bag incase of emergencies although I've never needed them.

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Not organised enough to always have batteries charged... routines are easy for many but not for me, seems like another hassle! I tend to keep a 20 pack of Morrisons Extra Long Life AA's in the car all the time, they last for ages - way better value than Tesco equivalent, or Duracell that matter (last nearly as long and far far cheaper).

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I use normal batteries and recharge them.


Best of both worlds :)



So do I but find that they can only be partly revived and are best when merely topped up, i.e. recharged when still holding plenty of original charge. For regular use I prefer my 2600 mAh rechargables from 7 day shop.

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I have always used rechargable, high capacity (2700mAh AA batteries in my 60CSx.


Has anyone seen this new type of NiMh rechargeable battery? They aren't as high capacity as some of the older types but they appear to have engineered a way to prevent them from losing their charge when they aren't in use. There aren't many companies making these yet.


Look down the following list of batteries until you come to the green ones.


<Click for NiMh+ battery info>


Ps. I haven't used the NiMh+ batteries yet so I don't know how good they are.

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When I was using my old GPSIII the rate at which it used batteries was awesome. It took 6 x AAs to start with and a days caching would use up two full sets and I'd be on my third by the time I'd finished caching, specially during the longer summer days. Re-chargeables were definitely the order of the day.

However, now I'm using a GPS60CSx, one pair of batteries will very often last a whole weekend; longer if I only have time for a couple of short sessions. When I can buy 'long life alkaline' batteries in packs of 12 or more, very cheaply from my local supermarket and the cost gets 'lost' in the weekly shopping, I really can't be bothered to mess about recharging NiMhs before every trip.


So for me... It's alkaline batteries every time, now.

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