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Question about distance

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My wifes grandpa has been a ham for so long hes starting to mold lol anway his call sign is K0NV "K Zero N V" out of kansas city missouri and i'm in springfield missouri well republic missouri and was wondering if the FT-60R would be able to reach that far up bouncing of the repeaters or if i need to just build a base station or buy one not build. I dont get to talk to him much and when I visited him long ago my goodness he had soooo much radio equipment in his room. I'm a CB person myself or use to be several years ago.


I would like to get into HAM as well not just to talk with him but to just get on and talk or see how far I can reach.


Thanks for your input.



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Well, after looking at the map, Kansas City and Republic are approximately 145 miles apart. If you are using strictly line of sight, a handheld will not work nor will a base station on VHF/UHF. Now, if you have a repeater in each city that is linked to each other, then your golden. You may want to talk to the local Ham clubs and they could tell you if there is a link between those two cities. There is also echolink (www.echolink.org) and that is another way to go. There are lots of repeaters hooked up to echolink, and since those are two big cities, there's probably a repeater somewhere close that is connected to echolink. If your FT-60R can hit that repeater, and your wife's grandpa has access to echolink, then your golden.


Another way to go is HF, otherwise known as long distance communication. With a technician license, you have limited bandwidth on the 10 meter band. Other HF bands require you to have a general license or an extra class license. So, if you were using HF, with the proper equipment and good antenna, you would definitely be able to reach other.


I have a FT-60R and it is a really good radio. The stock antenna isn't the greatest, so you may want to upgrade, but overall the radio is great. Plus, you can always check out reviews of equipment on eham.net.


Either way, ham radio is a lot of fun. You meet lots of great people and make really good friends!!! I hope this helps answer your question, if not let us know. Hams are always willing to help!!!





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Thats Great thanks. I havent baught a ham radio yet but when i take my test eventually i'm gonna go with the extra that way i'm not limited by anything. And i figured i would get a base overall. Just thought maybe it would be cheaper for a handheld which i would eventually buy as well when i'm driving around. But anyway you answered my question and I thank you :P

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