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motogrrl Memorial geocoin


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It's been one year since we lost Leigh Ann Hussey aka motogrrl. It was great to see that a bunch of geocachers have signed her memorial guest book just from having moved one of the memorial geocoins. We only sold these locally, but I checked and we have around 100 that we haven't released and I was thinking maybe other people might like to put some of these out to travel.


Here's what I was thinking. I'd sell two of these trackable geocoins for $4, with the following restrictions:

  • Both coins are activated by you.
  • One will be mailed to you.
  • One will be tagged and released by us, with your goal on the tag. (If you want a tag on the one we're sending to you, let us know.)
  • You will not sell these on ebay.
  • Free (domestic) shipping. :anitongue: (You get two coins for the price of what others are charging for shipping!)


If you are interested, send me an email with your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice.




P.S. Joani and I have tagged and activated 50 Red Handed Micro geocoins and 50 Cache Mover geocoins, one for each U.S. State. If you are willing to place one in a cache in your state, let us know and if we still have your state, we'll send our geocoin along for the ride.

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I would love to buy two more memorial coins and would be happy to release one of the PA tagged coins if you don't send them both to lindsychris. IF gc.com comes back on line before I go to bed I will send you my info or you can just send the bill through my gc.com account.



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I would love to be a part of this memorial, but I cannot email you because the goecaching.com website is down for maintenance-whatever that means. I will check tomorrow to see what is going on.

Site down for upgrades!


Email sent thanks Marky!

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Please be patient with me. I'm going to be invoicing everyone over time, because I want to get each person taken care of. When I run out of coins, I will post a list of people who got them, so you will at least know if you made it. :D



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And, the Salty-Eagle from Salt Lake City chimes in with a


"HERE! HERE!", and would be happy to place in either Utah (home state), Nevada, (frequent visits), Idaho (Short drive), or Arizona (Frequent visits). I've actually got a couple caches designated as coin pouches for the release of such coins!



AKA Salty-Eage

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