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Garmin gps12 internal battery

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My friends gps 12 will lose all waypoints, location etc. when the batteries are removed. I am assuming that this means that the internal battery is dead. I have looked and there doesn't appear to be any obvious way of opening the case - is the battery ever user replaceable if so how do I go about opening the case.

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See this old post (link) I used to have a link to a page with photos of the opened case but don't have it at hand.


Have you tried putting in a fresh set of AAs and letting it sit for a couple of days to recharge the internal battery?


Another method of recharging the internal battery that is quicker than putting in a new set of AA batteries is to use a 12v cord and plug it in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter overnight. Just putting in new AA batteries would not always recharge an internal battery that had been dead for some time, but the 12v cord usually will. Best thing for the 12 series is to not let the AA batteries run completely down when sitting on the shelf... to avoid running down the internal battery.


If the 12v cord does not recharge the interanl battery than the battery will have to be replaced.

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