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Wednesday Night 5/16 Upgrade (Pacific)

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We're in the late stages of our planning for the database update tomorrow, May 16. This is a major hardware upgrade and a very minor code change for the site. We're concentrating on speeding up the site and not so much on new features since we're really targeting the scalability of Geocaching.com


Our hope is you will notice a change in speed on the site once the update is complete - especially during the busiest days. We picked Wednesday evening since it is normally the quietest day of the week. By Thursday morning we'll be ready to go with little (or no) issues.


This is just one milestone on the path to a complete rewrite of the site, but it should keep the site humming along for at least another 9 months or more - depending on the growth of the community. Once we get closer down the path for V2 we'll be enlisting the geocaching community for feedback.


During the upgrade the forums will be available. You will just be unable to access the features of Geocaching.com. As we near the time we do the upgrade we'll provide a time window where we plan to have the site unavailable.

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