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Changing cache description..

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I have one lonely cache plant, which was recently published. It is in an area that is rich with history, but I didn't include any of that history in the description, when I submitted the cache for review. Is it ok to change the description to add such information? The location will not be changed and there will be nothing added, as far as hints or clues.


Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Thanks! I thought it would be fine, but wanted to check with the elitists.... errr... uhhhmm... more seasoned cachers. :rolleyes: (Sorry! I had to say it! No offense to anyone who answered my newbie question!!)


Off to do some fact checking.

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There is no restriction on editing the descriptive text so go ahead.

Not exactly. If your changes put the cache page outside the guidelines, that can get the cache archived really quick.

Agree with PS--Your cache would be archived if you turned it into a platform to present some agenda, or made a huge sales pitch for some business. You would also put your reviewer in an uncomfortable situation, and they would probably question your future caches closely before allowing them to be published.


On the other hand, if you just want to discuss the history of the area or point out a nearby piece of art work or great architecture, etc, that will probably be fine. And that's what it sound like you want to do. If you are unsure in any way, run it past your reviewer before making the changes.

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