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Managing EasyGPS files?

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I am new to geocaching and have just downloaded EasyGPS so that I can easily add waypoints to my Venture CX.

When I click on "Click Icon to Download", it opens a new EasyGPS file everytime. If I'm only downloading one waypoint, is there a way to have it download the waypoint to an existing EasyGPS file that I already have on my computer so that I accumulate them in one file? Or do I just transfer the one waypoint to my device and then transfer all of the waypoints from my device back to to the file of my choice? I hope this question makes sense.

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Open the existing file first, then the downloaded one. You will then have two tabs on the bottom of Easy GPS, one for each file. You can then select any waypoints in one file, and then copy and paste them to the other one. Of course if you're looking to do any form of waypoint management it's far easier to get a premium membership and use pocket queries. I also recently changed over from using Easy GPS/Plucker for paperless caching to using GSAK and Cachemate. GSAK is far more robust for managing waypoints.

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