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Fluttershy Kisses


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I will have 200 Fluttershy Kisses Micros


to trade at GW5.... Center is Glitter Filled/with Epoxy


The Kisses will be numbered, only.

The Design says 300, but I chose to produce 200.


Size: 1-1/4" 32mm

Thickness: 3mm


(175) Silver Metal in 6 Glitter Filled Colors:


50 Silver Glitter

25 Light Purple Glitter

25 Raspberry Glitter

25 Teal Glitter

25 Red Glitter

25 Blue Glitter


(25) Gold Metal LE's:


25 Gold Glitter




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I realize they look a bit boring now...


The samples should be in soon, though.

I just wanted a little Micro to call my very own.


They'll be available Friday night at our Party.

If you want to send a trade email to reserve the 6 (Silver Metal) Glitter colors... that's fine.


Otherwise, just ask about them at GW5 :(

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I would love to reserve a whole set but have no idea what you might like. :( I know you are in on the geotags project and the Xxxxx :laughing: project and will want to trade those coins. I don't know what else you won't already have. I particularly like the Red, Blue and Raspberry but I'm quite sure they will all be really nice. Reserve a set for me and If I cannot come up with something to trade, I'm sure that someone else will be standing in the wings waiting to claim them :lol: .




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I'm flattered that several would like to reserve a whole set, but that's six coins!


Please email me at nyallieny@aol.com with trade requests/offers.


I'm willing to trade with people who can't make it to GW5 as well, but would like to

have many available to trade at GW5, (Friday at our Party)


The Gold LE's aren't available for Trade. They will be Thank You's to Forum Friends.

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:huh: I would love to trade for the whole set, but I'd be happy with any of the beautiful colors. This is such a cute personal micro. Wonderful job, Allie! :P


Ditto :D , however my favorite colors are red and blue. I would love to arrange a trade for these.


You got it, Dennis! :blink:

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i would like to trade at GW5, no number specific. :blink: When do you think you will get samples in?


Sure, Mark!


I should have Sample Pictures ASAP... it really went in at the Deadline... so I'm just lucky, period.

I have to thank Steve & Sharon at HogWildStuff... for that! Big Thanks to them!


As soon as I get the pics, I'll post here!


Thanks for the Trade request!

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I really hope #008 makes it to GW5 and into my hands.

Love kisses........both kinds

Numbered?? Ooh! What colors are #030, #130 & #230 gonna be?



#30 will be Silver... not sure about #130, Sarah :blink:

:huh::D But what color glitter? D'ya know? :P Would like (of course) to reserve any number with 30! Pleeeeze!! :D


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Email sent. B) These are too darn cute to pass up. We have someone going to GW5 who is going to keep an eye out for you. :huh: Gotta have these. Love chocolate...love hershey's kisses....love glitter coins and love the coins you come out with!! :rolleyes:B):huh:


Aww... Thank you!


I'll also make sure the front entry table is filled with Real Hershey Kisses! :o

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Oooh... what colour is #88? If it's blue, that'd be bonus. :huh: I'm hoping to stop by the geopoker game to pick up my GeoTags (one of which is my own special GW5 trader), then make it to the Friday party for some coin trading fun. :rolleyes:


I'll be happy to save #88 for you, at this time all I know is that 1-50 will be Silver Glitter...

I can't tell you what #88 will be.

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Here are sample pictures prior to Printing Fluttershy Kisses on them in Blue, and putting epoxy on.


Good news... The Kisses look like they're going to be CUTE! :)


Bad news... I may not get them in time for GW5. :(





1. Instead of numbering 1-200, the Mint numbered them all 300. :(:P

2. Instead of using Light Purple, the Mint used Light Pink :(:)


I'm trying to get them corrected, but it doesn't look good. :cry:

How can a Micro make me sooooo sad?


Remember, these aren't printed and don't have the epoxy yet, but here are samples with colors.

I :cry: them. :(









And this is the "Pink" they used instead of the "Purple"




What do I do??? :(:(

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What do I do??? :sad::sad:

Don't stress. Trade at GW5 and send them to those you traded with when you get them. If folks are not willing their loss and more for those of us not going to GW5. ;);) Most of all - have fun!


I just was so excited to have them for Friday night :sad: for the Party... and having lots of real Hershey Kisses there too... Sorry I missed your Visit in NY. I hope to meet soon, Michele!


Oh. Allie!!! :wub: Those are soooo cute!!! :wub: They are so adorable I don't know how I can choose just 1 or 2 of them. :anicute: I hope you get them in time! :laughing:



Thanks, Sarah! I can't wait to see them in Person!

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<<I just was so excited to have them for Friday night for the Party... and having lots of real Hershey Kisses there too... Sorry I missed your Visit in NY. I hope to meet soon, Michele!>>


I hear ya. Totally get the excitement! Your sunshine looks too cute. And your tags will be in too, right? Lots to trade! And lots to trade after too. As soona s all get back time to plan for GW6 - lol. :laughing: Oh, and we never made it in to the city. Too much going on with the hospital and doctors. If we still are on for our real trip in July will lyk. I PLAN to meet YOU!

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Hi Allie,


Those sample pictures look really really good (even if the numbering is not correct.) I like the pink too. I am sure people will understand if you don't have them for Friday night. I am sure everyone will still want to trade with you (I know I do) and then after maybe you can mail them?? :laughing::anicute:


I hope it all works out and have lots of fun while you are there. :wub::wub:

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