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60CX and EGNOS in Europe

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When I set the GPS (ver 3.3) for WAAS (of course battery mode set to normal), I can see it detects one of the EGNOS satellite (eg. 33) but it never seems to use it, no D on the signal bar and the EGNOS satellite disappear from the graph !!!

It has worked in the past though ? (earlier firmware ? but I don't want to go back just to try)


Do other 60CX or 60CSX (or 76...) owners experience the same ?

Is EGNOS really operational ?


Can't find any info about this issue.

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EGNOS is definitely working; I have received satellites 33 and 37 and I get 'D's when either are being detected. I only seem to get them when I have a good view of quite a low horizon. In other words not when in a built up area. I'm still on software version 3.1, and by the way I'm in southern England

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I too can (not always) pick up one of the EGNOS satellites from darkest Gloucestershire and, with a bit of patience, get "D"s in the bars for the ordinary satellites. It doesn't, hoever, seem to make any difference to the accuracy. I'm a few miles from Chargy Hill passive station, whose coordinates are available to millimetric precison, so when I have time I'll go and do some proper tests there.

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I agree with R_S that I have never noticed any improvement in accuracy when 'D's are showing. Kind of makes me wonder what all the hype about WAAS/EGNOS reception is for!


By the way, I was driving south on the M6 at junction 36 Friday morning 4 May when all satellites seemed to disappear for 15 minutes! I was running Tom Tom and a RoadPilot (each with its own GPS receiver)simultaneously, and they both showed no sats for that time. Weird.

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