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Anyone successfully using Spanner with a Venture Cx?

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I am having a bit of difficulty trying to get Garmin Spanner to find my Venture CX. I have tried various different permutations but without any success.


I have been told Spanner should work with the Venture CX and also that it shouldn't! Is there anybody out there successfully using Spanner with a Venture CX or a Legend Cx? I would love to know if it definitively does (or doesn’t) work with the Venture Cx and at least I’d know if I was going down a dead end or not.




See here for my similar post: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=162338

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Today I finally got around to testing spanner 2.1 with my vista CX.... sure enough it doesn't work! I can plug in my gps18 or 60cx and it works fine. strange thing is I remember using spanner with my legendC in the past if I'm not mistaken.


Did garmin remove the color etrex models as spanner compatible units? or am I mistaken thinking I have used my legendC with spanner?


Either way I know that GPSgate works with my legendC, so I'm sure that option will also work for my vista CX.

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