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Filter X & Crayolaqueen Wedding Coin! New Personal Coin!

Filter X

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Hello all!


My wife (Crayolaqueen) and I are very proud to present our first geocoin! We have talked about this for quite sometime now and are glad to be able to announce it! CQ and I were married last October in Nova Scotia and have been caching since 2005 with no plans to stop any time soon! The Knot on the front is a English Love knot, forming bonds that never break!


The art was done by Jamie @ Madhattersneverland. Thanks for the great job Jamie!


Right now we are in talks with a few mints to see who we feel will do the best job to help bring this coin to life.


Specs so far:


- 1.65"

- 3.0 mm

- Trackable with a unique icon


Metals and a few coloring odds and ends are still to be decided. We are trying to gauge interest in this coin to give us a ball park number to work with.


I will be putting quite a few coins aside for trades, but please don't email me now. I will post when the coin pre-sale is up and will be taking trade offers then.


Let us know what you think! Thanks!



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So tell us about the building on the back? Where is it? What's it's significance to you?


We couldn't find a good picture of the actual church we were married at to use on the coin, so we gave Jamie a rough Idea of what kind of building to look for...so no REAL significance.


Thanks for the interest



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Nice design Filter. I like the B&W concept, but those 2 flags would sure stand out if they were in colour eh? Either way, put me on your sold list for one. Thanks.


I had art done u for the flags in color, and I think it stood out a bit too much, thus loosing the black and white concept i aimed for. Don't worry, I'll make sure to put a few aside for ya! Thanks Tucats!

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