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Do geocaches have a gender?

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I have a few caches that are female. They are small tin containers and the names start with "Minnie Tinnie . . . " :sad:


I'm not sure about the other ones . . . :drama: I have one called "Signal's Cache." That one is probably the same gender as Signal. Has anyone figured that out definitively yet . . . ? :sad:

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In Spanish caches are referred interchangably as "escondite" - literally something hidden; "tesoro" - literally treasure; or simply "cache". All are male gender words.


So, it's going to depend on what word is chosen for "cache" in that particular language.

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Interesting, and good to know since I'm kind of learning spanish. I've also been wondering what the verb "to geocache" is in spanish if there is one.

There is no verb in Spanish for "to geocache" - it is an English creation.


You would say, "vamos a buscar/casar escondites/tesoros" - "we're going to look/hunt for caches".

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I always thought geocache's were sexless, but all these micros seem to be propagating :ph34r:



Guilty on the micro proliferation, but what the heck was I gonna do? I had 12,500 extra micro's lying around.



As for sexless...... Wellllll some local cachers let it slip what they did to celebrate their two 5 star terrain finds of my "Row vs. Wade" (gc.com) and my "Banjo Music aka Why is Daddy Crying?" (a terracache just 110 feet away to add DOH! factor to RvW.)

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Mom...is that you?


My mother used to make us play games in the car like "is 7 male or female?" and "what color is Thursday?"



I think just about EVERY guy knows "Seven" is female:





And thursday is Green.... duh. :ph34r::D:P


BTW - Monday is a girl I dated in College. :P

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