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9key Personal Geocoin - 2nd Edition

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My second personal geocoin is Available Here.


Shaped like a bottle cap, this coin commemorates my first five years of geocaching as well as finding 2000 caches. The front is smooth-finish imitation hard enamel and the back is a silver and white glitter fill. The caffeine molecule is represented on the back, as that's what keeps me going most days. :drama:


Note that the base metal is zinc alloy - not to save money necessarily but to make the coin lighter like a bottle cap.


Sample coins are finished (as you can see) and I expect the balance of the order in Dallas in 3 weeks.



$7.95 USD

Diameter: 1.5 inches

Thickness: 3mm

Polished Gold

Geocaching.com trackable - generic icon

130 for sale, 155 total minted




Buy a few here!

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I have taken these off sale for about an hour. Our cart wasn't charging shipping, so I'm working on fixing that.




Whew! At first I thought that maybe they had sold out already. I have a habit of clicking on new coin links directly from the new-topic notification email that I get.

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Thanks to everyone that ordered! I had the mint add an epoxy coating the caffeine side of the coin so that both sides will be smooth. This has added about week to the production time - FYI.


There's still a few coins left if you're interested. :(

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Well, if I have my timelines right, the original delivery was expected May 11 + 3 weeks == June 1. Then the change to add epoxy finish to the back side added 1 week == June 8.

So, any day now we can get our caffeine fix???


And that begs the question -- why did you finish coat the back side? Originally somewhere you said that the back was going to be soft enamel and the edge raised to make it feel more like an actual bottle cap. Why was this changed?

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I picked up these coins from Will on Saturday and did most of the packaging yesterday. I'm betting I'll get them all out today.


I have to say that these coins turned out great. I love the back of the coin. I wasn't sure how the glitter would look, but it just looks amazing.


Great job, Will!

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Got mine in the mail yesterday. :ph34r: Great looking coin too. :ph34r:

The silver-white glitter and gold look absolutely gorgeous together but I would be little remiss if I didn't mention that the super fine detail of the caffeine molecule is almost lost in all the shininess. I checked it out with a magnifying glass and the detail of the caffeine molecule is absolutely exquisite! :ph34r:

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