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You don't have to go west of the Mississippi for some great adventure caches...come to Florida (in the winter) and hunt for:


Ghost Orchid


or Red Scorpion


or Where the Green Fern Grows one of the few caches in Florida where you need a staff to deal with the steepness of the terrain



Big Pine Island Roundabout


or Multiple Gators


by the way, anybody coming to the Tampa area i could get set up to do Multiple Gators in a heartbeat... kayaks r us.


We'll be around Clearwater in October. I'll keep that one in mind. Thanks!

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Here is a great one in Montana.It is a trail to the cache "Grace Lake"(GCK92K).

It ate up most of my day.

It is 13 miles round trip after the 15 miles or so up a dirt

road into the mountains.Towards the end of the hike

there are 3 mountain lakes within a mile of each other.

I brought my fishing pole and caught some nice cutthroat trout.


This is a picture of the trail




This is a picture of where you have to drop down into to

get to the mountain lakes...there is a nice trail leading to all of them.




Here is the 1st mountain lake (un-named lake)




Here is the 2nd mountain lake (Hidden Lake)




Here is the 3rd mountain lake (Grace Lake)

The cache is hidden near this lake.



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