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Is there a common theme for a microcache? I have searched for a few (new to the scene, only started last week!), but have had no luck. : :o I really don't want to ask for hints yet, but how small can a cache become? Thanks

I don't think micros are themed anymore than larger caches are. I think it helps to know what the container is, you might ask the owner if they would tell you what the container is. At least until you figure out Acacher likes pill fobs, Bcacher likes baby pop bottles, Ccacher is evil and likes tiny blinkies covered in camo tape, etc etc...


A micro might be the size of a film tube or a match stick holder (do you know that is?) or about that size. Or it might be smaller, like a Bison Tube, or even the size of a dime as with a 'blinkie' (see this)

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The common theme would be that Newbie's like myself try to find them and they are at the upper scale of difficulty. Therefore we do not succeed and the fun factor drops to ZERO.


Rather leave them for later after all the regular sizes has been discovered in an area. There is no fun in it for me to just discover a micro and sign my name, it is not a Diamond! (now that would be fun to hunt!) :o

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One theme that is fairly common among micros is that they are magnetic and stuck to metal. I'd say well over half of the micros I've found have been magnetic. So look for something metal. Guardrails are popular.


It migh not be in plain sight so you may have to feel behind or under things.

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Themes tend to vary a bit by area. Every area developes it's own style. Locally things have drifted away from micros. However we didn't have the magentic theme that was mentioned above. It would have made life easier.


The only consistant theme I've ever seen about micro's is that I can't find them all that well.

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I looked around at some of the caches near ones you have done, and noticed that even people with experience have had trouble with a couple of the micros you've tried--so likely you are doing a lot of things right already, and the caches are really challenging (one of them may even be missing in action)!


We did a lot of micros when we were new, and found that we liked them--a lot. They did take us a loooooooonnnnng time to find, though. A lot longer than they do now. We were amazed at the ways something that small could be disguised. The tip about many micros being magnetic is a good one--when they aren't magnetic, they are often either camouflaged to match something in the environment very, very well, or they are acutally inside some other thing. (Yes, the cache itself is a micro, but the container for the cache migth be somewhat larger, if that makes sense).


Most cache owners don't mind giving a nudge in the right direction to new cachers (except on their most challenging caches). After you DNF a cache, if you email the owner and tell them where you looked, they will frequently email you back to ask if you want a couple of mild hints, some will offer to tell you exactly what you are looking for ("a mini m & M container" "a breathstrip container wrapped in cammo tape" "a toothpick holder on a fishing line" etc), or give you more specific info on where the cache is hidden ("near the oak tree" or "in the fence" for example) to help narrow your search.


I've gotten very good at ferreting out micros. I am terrible at spotting large caches; my husband specializes in that area, thankfully.

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we didn't have the magentic theme that was mentioned above. It would have made life easier.

Yeah, purple containers would have been more noticeable. :ph34r:


Seriously, there's no particular "theme" to microcaches other than size and the absolute impossibility of finding many of them. (In fairness, I should add that I've found a couple of pretty cool microcaches this week. I particularly liked this one.)

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:lol: Keep them small.. :( make them hard to find :laughing: Think outside the box!!


I agree micros should take some thought to find them. Not just a park and grab cache although I do own a park and grab cache at Wally world in my area but there is a slight twist to it now.

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