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Arthur & Trillian personal coins are here!!


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I just talked to Coins & Pins and final production should begin in a day or two. Here's is the breakdown on metals and such...


They are going to sell my coin in these finishes:


Antique Bronze

Antique Silver

Polished Gold


I will have these finishes as traders:


50 - Antique Copper

10 - Satin Gold


Soon, baby soon! :rolleyes::unsure::angry:

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MY COINS ARE IN!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! :lol::D:o;):D


I just got them in today. To those I have made trades with, remind me. I know of some and I have your email. I'll contact those I have emails for. If you have already sent your coin, I'll be sending yours ASAP.


To anyone else...trades offers are welcome!


Aren't they beauties? :anitongue::laughing:





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Since i don't think i have a suitable offer (btw: do you have a seeking list?): do you know a date when c&p will start the sale of these coins? They would make a perfect gift from myself for my 42nd birthday (in the next 4 weeks). :D


When are they selling? Good question...I haven't the foggiest clue. Sorry. I would think coming up here pretty soon.

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