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Hints asked for and given from non-owners of cache

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I've taken a number of hikes into some beautiful places in search of a cache without ever finding it. Somehow I -never- felt the urge to get out the cell phone to call for assistance in finding the cache... that just seems contrary to the whole geocaching experience.


Just by making the attempt I've probably already achieved 90% of the hider's goal, which was to bring me to an interesting or unusual area that I would not have visited otherwise. I think the owner's intent should always take precedence over "helpers" that take the challenge out of the hunt.


Ask yourself this... how many times have you gone on a wonderful journey and found the actual cache itself to be a disappointment? Appreciate the overall adventure, rather than letting the "target" be the determining factor in the success of the quest!

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after 2 DNF's on a cache and the owner failed to reply back about it I used one of my life lines and e-mailed a friend and got a hint. He then went to the cache and checked it to make sure it was still there and told me a new hint becouse it was moved and with a +-9 putting me in the middle of a road with 16 ft to eithor side, There was something wrong with the cords. I will look a few times but not when the results lead me to the same conclusion each time.

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Some people hide a cache with a theme to it - I see know reason why a hider can't make his own rules known about a cache and expect the finders to follow his wishes on the intent of the find, contents of the cache, or demand a certain route, whatever he is trying to accomplish. There are no garantees who will do what - and there no need to get upset if some don't follow, but 'yes' in general I will follow the hiders rules, to cash in on the intent. Now verbally saying so is a must - no assumptions! Puzzle caches should be at least started alone.

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