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The GeoJellies have arrived!

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I spent some time last week activating most of the different version 1 and 2 Geo-Jellies that I acquired from trades, etc and then dropped all 28 into our GeocoinFest Aotearoa event. People really appreciated seeing them all and there was a lot of admiration for the beautiful designs.


And there were a couple of inquiries about costs...

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And there were a couple of inquiries about costs...

Tell them to watch this spring for a new and improved version, with a twist.

Spring... hmmm... spring + 6 = autumn, so our autumn :D:laughing:

Hey that's your fault for living in a part of the world that eevrything is backwards! :wacko:


LOL... yeah, yeah - come over here and say that!! But hold on tight or you might fall off the earth!

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I'm interested in getting into the next group of geojellies and was wondering what the cost was to do these? I would probably just do the min. 20?


I participated in GeoJellies 3 & did the minimum. It cost me approximately $120. WELL worth it!! The cost, of course, may differ for the next version..

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