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The GeoJellies have arrived!


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Well the time has come to reveal to the world the GeoJellies. The first batch has arrived safely. Here are a few quick pics. We have 44 flavors in at this time. 20 more on the way.




We are waiting on the second batch from the chef. We thought we would reveal these so you could get your sugar fix in the meantime. Once we have all the coins on hand there will be a very special auction coming up. For each flavor made there were 2 gold coins made. ! will stay with the owner of that flavor. the second coin will be the auctioned coin. This will be the one and only chance of owning all the flavors, and at the same time giving back to a cacher's family. There will be more details forth coming when we are ready for the auction. Until then, please enjoy.


* If there is enough demands to do a third batch (meaning 500 coins) I could be persuaded to do this.

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Hey, that's my elbow in the first picture, and you failed to secure my permission to depict any of my body parts in your advertisments. Far too much copyright infringement going on around here nowadays. I'll accept one Radioactive Coconut GeoJelly as compensation, or I'll call Richie Sambora.

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I don't have any close ups yet. They just came in tonight and I have been busy double checking spelling, quantities, and such. I will get something up soon, or maybe Yime will. I will work on a list to condense who has what for trades. We still have a second batch of coins coming so bear with us.

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I have two versions of Kiwi Fruit flavor and a XLS Radioactive Kiwi Fruit flavor coins. Soooooooooo excited!!!!


Edited to say... Jim.... need some high res images so that I can zoom in please <_<

Still sooooooo excited!!!

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My girls each have their own flavor, in EXTREMELY LIMITED quantities...Sprite (Heather's) and Berry Blue (Brenda)...only available for extra special trades at GW5. We have one more flavor coming in batch 2...

Heather is going to love her coins, they turned out great, saw them in person this evening. All the coins look great, it's going to be tough making trades for some as I didn't get many coins made myself.

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Oooo ! ! I see my GrapeJellys 5th row down 3rd. from the left side in the second picture.I will have a few of them for trade as there was only 30 Grape coins made. Thanks GeoSmurfz for the trade with me for one of your new personal coins. Now to set up some other trades. :laughing:


Also thanks to pghlooking for everything you have done to get the GeoJellys minted. :grin:

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We have the "Bodacious Berry" flavor. Only 11 minted. It's one of the blue ones but I'm not sure which one in the picture. The color is R-Y Blue Glitter. We will have only a few to trade since only 11 were minted and will only be making trades in person at GW5 and other events.


Thanks to pghlooking for all your hard efforts on this project. These turned out awesome! I cannot wait to get my hands on mine.



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Also, there are only 6 flavors left I believe so that would mean many old jellies would have to re-order some and 6 new people like me. What flavors are left anyway?

A third run is not at present being done. It will be handled in a different thread when this thread and these two runs are completed. While I appreciate your interest, please keep this thread on topic about these coins. I don't want to start discussing a new run in this thread, and alot of the assumptions are not true at this point. Once everyone has their coins in hand, I will open a thread about doing the next run. Until then please enjoy these ones. Thanks.

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wow oh wow they are brilliant.


Thank you for doing the coins the stress must have been unreal but wow are they worth it.

My poor postman is gonna be sick of me asking if there is a package for me.


thank you so much they are fab

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OK so here are a few more pics...

Wow! Those look wonderful, Jim! We're really eager to see how ours came out, now that we know how good the single-color ones look :o


For those who are interested, we have Caramel Corn, done in two colors. We can handle a couple of trades, but we probably won't have our coins for a while yet, as their in the second batch.

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OK so here are a few more pics. I am sure there will be alot better pics forth coming from some people who do this for a living, but this is whatcha get from me :o



They look a lot better out of the plastic bags :o They all look great :o

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What size are these? Micro's?


Anyone interested in trading and bean for a tag


(trackable as well)


Please contact me. I am not looking for a whole set but would like some.



<<<By the way...still looking for a list of people invovled so I can contact some directly.>>>


Mike, With all the hard work you've put in to the GeoTag project I will gladly trade with you.



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You wanted a list, so here it is. There are 2 coins missing from the list that I know of. One from someone who asked me not to post their coin, and another as I bought it for a gift of thanks to someone and I wanted them to not know till they receive it. Other than those 2 coins, this is about as complete as it gets.

  • pghlooking - Red Apple
  • Scaw - Bubble Gum
  • Mauison - Crushed Pineapple
  • Team Macha - Dr. Pepper
  • TMOCM - Watermelon
  • HeroKid - Plum
  • MrIceMan - Butter Popcorn
  • DresselDragons - Toasted Marshmallow
  • DDs - Heather -Sprite
  • DDs - Brenda - Berry Blue
  • Rivercity - Berry Blue
  • Radioactive Coconut - Coconut
  • CachingCoins - Root Berr
  • CachingCoins - Strawberry Cheescacke
  • CachingCoins - Pink Lemonade
  • 3D's & a Pokey - Orange Sherbet
  • Tanks Hounds - Green Apple
  • YemonYime - Citrus Ridiculous
  • skyraider - Blueberry
  • cainrcc - Grape Jelly
  • keewee - Kiwi Fruit
  • keewee - Radioactive Kiwi Fruit
  • token collector - Raspberry
  • token collector - Toxic Waste
  • beagle_camper - Sour Lemon
  • Sandtracker - Top Banana
  • TakeNotes - Licorice
  • nielsenc - Peanut Butter
  • Rick618 - Tangy Tangerine
  • RN2B - Island Punch
  • Rick618 - Sizzling Cinnamon
  • theSloth304 - Wild Blackberry
  • QUACK ATTACK - Earthworm
  • terratoads - dirt
  • thebuddhaman - sweet tea
  • Mrs. Buddhaman - sour grape
  • teamwebpirate - moose
  • Shadow'sownerTim - black cow
  • Rock_Rat - Key Lime
  • wvhunter - Ear Wax
  • Go JayBeee - Black Pepper
  • Frivlas - Juicy Pear
  • MysticOne - Butter Rum
  • Steel City Babes - Very Cherry
  • Anthus - Bodacious Berry
  • Team Run& Rescue - Cookie Dough
  • MELSDAD - Hot Sauce
  • Rebel Biker Girl - Black Leather
  • Ms. PennyPacker - Cotton Candy
  • PennyPacker - Margarita
  • TeamOVCacher - Antifreeze
  • SAMrGrits - Orange Juice
  • ParentsofSAM - Mango
  • Zeute - Lemon Balm
  • chaosmanor - Carmel Corn
  • Ratjumper - Mountain Dew
  • Ratjumper - Cream Soda
  • ~tasia~ - Lemon Drop

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