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76csx battery contact

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Can someone verify that the contacts inside their 76csx have three contact metal strips and one spring contact. I thought my other one had two springs. It is extremely tough getting the battery out of the one that has the two strips. Thanks.


Mine is configured that way, three metal contacts strips and one spring contact.

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Mine has 3 strips and 1 spring. Be very careful placing and removing batteries, particularly rechargeables - all the rechargeable ones I've attempted to insert seem to be longer than the alkaline batteries. I have heard and read of a number of reports of the strips snapping under pressure - this seems to be a design flaw by Garmin. :laughing: I therefore have declined from using rechargeables in my gps.

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Different rechargeable batteries are not only different physical sizes, but they are also different volts. I use Duracell NiMH 2400mAh batteries (1.2V) in my 76CSx. They fit fine. However, when I first got the unit, it was very hard to charnge the batteries. Now, they are considerably easier to change. BTW, I have 3 clips and one spring too.

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