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Injured in the name of caching

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Just heard from Jim, AKA the Woodbury Walker that whilst out doing some of my caches near Meldon Dam on Dartmoor, Jill (wife and "The Assistant") fell whilst imbetween caches and has broken her leg just above the ankle.

A rescue mission by the air ambulance coordinated from RAF Culdrose had to be implemented but could not get near them, so she had to be strechered down the gully to where the Air Ambulance could reach her.


I am sure you will all join me in wishing her a speedy recovery, i know how much she enjoys the outdoors and her caching.

I am so sorry it was on one of my caches too :blink::wub:

best wishes and a speedy recovery Jill.



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I just heard the news, so sorry to hear that Jill had The Accident (Jim does her call Jill "TA" hehe)... Seriously though, I hope your leg fixes quickly and that you are out of pain and out and about again soon.


In the mean time, I suggest an action plan....

  1. Terry increases the terrain rating on his Meldon caches :wub:
  2. Woodbury Walker and TA start solving all the local puzzles from my HOMEWORK bookmark list in readiness for when you can go out again :blink:
  3. We start putting out lots of 1/1 drive by caches in the Exeter/East Devon area which involve nothing more than a short hop to the cache :wub:
  4. An event is hosted in honour of the Devon Air Ambulance (obviously not to do with no charity fund raising thing at all not ever never) :wub:


Stuey, Cathy and Ozzy

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:blink::(:D Thank you all for your kind wishes. I shall hate being out of action so long and I am not sure I am looking forward to WW pushing me in a wheel chair.


Can I pay a tribute to Devon Air Ambulance who spent so much time on rescuing me from the impossible spot into which I fell?



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