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help with paperless caching


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i'm trying to get started with the paperless caching and not having much luck. many people seem to swear by the GSAK and Cachemate but they don't seem to be an option for me. I have a Compaq iPAQ 3635 pocket pc. I downloaded GSAK to my desktop and am able to manuever around in it. I also downloaded the Cachemate but my pda won't recognize it. (at the Cachemate download site, it says that the pocket pc had to be 2002 or later--I believe mine is older than that).


I have successfully loaded Mobipocket Reader onto my iPAQ and it seems okay but there doesn't seem to be any easy way to go back to the index after viewing a cache listing. I have to manually turn the pages back. I really liked the features that I read about Cachemate where you can log your finds and then transfer them to GSAK (and I think from there to geocaching.com).


Does anybody know a different program that might be similar to Cachemate that will work on my machine? Can I somehow load GSAK onto my iPAQ or is it just designed for the desktop? :anicute:




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I have been using Cachemate on my Palm M500 for more than two years and it really is a great program. I wish I could help you out with the PPC version of Cachemate, but I can't . . .


Can you update the OS on that PDA?


Welcome to the Forums! :anicute:

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