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Beginners question.

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I'm taking the test for my technicians license later this month, when I mentioned this to a guy at work he said he bought his son a radio when he got his license and he used it just once and he would like to get at least some of his money back. So my question is is a Yaesu FT-50R a good starter radio, and is $100 a good price if it is in the condition he says it is? Thanks for any help you can give.

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I would say its a good deal. I just bought a FT-60R and it is a really good radio, even for some advanced operation. Since the 60 replaced the 50 not too long ago, I would take it for a 100. These are really good little radios, rugged and durable. Even though you would only output 5 watts, you could get a replacement antenna, and get a little more distance going for ya. If you decide not to take it, I would check out some hamfests around the area. You can usually get a pretty good deal at a hamfest plus have a good time meeting fellow hams!! Let us know if you need any help!!





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Yes, the FT-50 is actually a very good "starter" radio. I started with one myself in 1998 and found it to be a nice radio. It is likely that you will need a battery for it though. Get one of the non-Yaesu NiMH batteries with longer life. There is also an after-market belt clip that is far superior to the original that I think Maha used to sell but others may also.

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My opinion is, have one by all means, but don't limit yourself to a handheld radio. They are best used as a secondary rig and a mobile and/or base as the primary rig. Or you may find your usable range severely limited if outside of a town with lots of repeaters. Whereas a 2 meter FM base with a beam antenna will get you out on simplex to about 60-80 miles if your are in a good location. Going through a distant repeater can get you out to about 150 miles. Roughly half that for a mobile depending on circumstances.


I have seen all too many new techs give up and drop out because they could only talk through one or two repeaters and ask, "Is this all there is?" No there is a whole world of radio, if you go beyond the radio on your belt. :o

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Another thing you might want to look into if you only have the cash outlay to get a HT is to look for any local hamfests where you might be able to pick up a 25 or 30 W amplifier for your HT. No, it's not the best or most convenient way to operate, but you can often pick up used amps for about $1/watt or less on the VHF/UHF bands. Slap it in your car along with a mobile antenna and a patch cable from your HT to your amp and you're good to go.


Ken KE6N

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