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Unfound older caches.

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Totem Clan,


Try "unfound cache" and search in "titles only." There are a few threads that highlight really old, unfound caches.


This cache was found after waiting for four years, deep in the Alaskan Wilderness. GCF8C6


Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents GCG822

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I did a quick pocket query of unfound caches placed before Jan 1 2005.


There's 269 unfound caches around the world that were placed prior to Jan 1 2005 - and the GC code is consistent with the fact that these are older caches.







By State...

Alaska: 10

California: 5

Colorado: 1

Hawaii: 1

Idaho: 4

Louisiana: 1

Mississippi: 2

Oregon: 3

Texas: 1

Utah: 5

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