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Best approach to viewing database of caches Garmin 60CSx

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I just replaced my trusy Magellan with a Garmin, so now I'll have to relearn my way around the GPS unit.


I'm going to cache on Oahu but there are over 400 caches there, which seems like an awful lot to have clogging up my database of coordinates. I don't want to be scrolling through a zillion entries to find one particular one.


How do veteran Garmin users cope? There must be good techniques for sorting coordinates so that you can quickly zero in on a particular one -- what works best for you?

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Your best bet will be to get the gpx or loc files from geocaching.com and save them to your PC, then upload those to your garmin. Even better, use a Palm and the $8 program cachemate to store your hundreds (even thousands) of geocaches. Find what you really want on there, then search for it on the Garmin. My garmin Vista allows me to search for caches by name, where you can actualy enter the name of the cache and it "jumps" to that particular one in the list. Generally, I only keep a few waypoints stored in my Garmin, I delete the ones I am done with and rely on cachemate to keep my cache database.

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