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City Navigator vs. City Select?

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The biggest difference is that Garmin no longer offers City Select. And you should be wary of purchasing it used (i.e. Ebay) as it has locking codes that only allow maps to be downloaded only onto two GPS'. You can purchase additional unlock codes from Garmin.


Your current choices for handhelds is City Navigator, City Navigator NT, or MetroGuide. MG is non-routing but there is a program available to get around this. The difference between CN and CN-NT is the compression technique used to create the DVDs.

Essentially, the map segments are larger with NT (about 47 for the U.S.) than non-NT (about 309 segments for the U.S.) In comparison, City Select has about 995 segments. See this thread for more info.


This becomes important when downloading maps and topo maps onto a memory card 'cause they have a limit of 2025 map segments.

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Just curious. I'm purchasing a used gpsmap60cs and the owner is installing city select maps relevant to my area, but I have presently own city navigator. I was wondering if it would behoove me to install city navigator or leave city select on there. I mainly looking for address detail cause I'll be using it at work to respond Emergency service wise. The navigator is great for this, but I don't know the select.

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I am still using City select Verion #6 and only run into problems in areas where they have done major changes to their highway system such as parts of Houson, TX. The rest hasn't changed enough to cause me problems.


As stated above be careful of older versions cause the unlock codes may already be used up.

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Will Garmin ever change there map segment size. I have a legend C and I purchased it at the cusp of the change over. Work purchased the unit so our staff members could have it when they were on the road. The larger segments make it impossible to load the maps we need to travel around the state of NC. I think it was pretty crappy move by Garmin.



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