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My Crazy Oldfart Husband!

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We went on vacation and my Crazy Oldfart Husband thinks he is still a kid.


We had a great time finding 2 very old drill holes and 2 1909 pipe caps our first day. The last day as we were coming home was when we took a detour along old route 66. We found one 1935 which was fun, then John went crazy....The Data sheet stated that the mark was not recovered in 1982 by the NGS, which whetted his apatite.


K 1 in Mohave County, AZ.



John had a lot of fun climbing up there acting like a kid.



And then he had to get back down.


All in all, things went well and we had fun.


I notice a lot of other people going on vacations...don't forget to tell us how they went and if you do something a little crazy.




PS: John will update the scores tomorrow, due to work interference.

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... the mark was not recovered in 1982 by the NGS, which whetted his apatite.



Whetted his apatite?


You rockhounds....




:D And "Spell Check" couldn't catch that one. :D

Nice link...beautiful mineral...


AZcachemeister Posted Yesterday, 06:18 PM


I wish you hadn't posted that third photo on the page for the mark, I was imagining John about 40-50 feet up a headwall, with a snakepit full of pointy rocks below.


Good work!


Well, I might have exaggerated a little.... :D


Klemmer & TeddyBearMama Posted Yesterday, 06:21 PM

Shirely, you have one slightly demented husband. I love it! Heck of a find.


Yes, I do agree! :)


Thanks everyone!

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Oh, the places I have gone to locate a benchmark... I am sooooo... pushing the limits of safe and sane... but it sure is fun! Especially unnerving is walking across railroad bridges spanning rivers approx. 200 - 300 feet wide. Not too bad when the area between the ties is filled in, but when you have to look at the ties to make sure where to put your feet and you can look 100 feet or better down and see the river.... well, let's just say I was feeling a bit weak in the knees after I got back across.... Since my wife no longer accompanies me on these "adventures", I have no photos of me, but my "benchmark setting" photos will give an idea...


Here's one: AX0990



aka Doc Geo

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Crossing that bridge is something I would never consider nor recommend, even without trains. If the track is active, then triple no.


Lots of people have been killed by getting caught on a bridge when the train comes along. Happened to a couple kids in this town a year or two ago.


Such incidents cause a lot of bad feelings and bad publicity for the railroad and are one reason they are so vigorous in prosecuting trespassing. That vigor carries over to places that aren't so dangerous.

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I have done my share of railroad trespassing but always with an eye to quick exit. I do this less for safety and more as a means of not getting arrested, but safety is always in my mind too.


I won't walk on the tracks, ever, and I won't get into a situation where I can't get away from a train in seconds. There is a place near me where passenger trains regularly get to 100+ mph and the marks I found along those lines were unnerving to say the least. On my last foray up those tracks I had to walk .4 miles along the tracks. Although I walked beside (not on!) what was normally the track where trains would come at me from the front, I was very aware that they could also just as easily come from behind, and I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to the mark, checking over my shoulder every 10 seconds are so. At 100 mph and with the visibility I had due to track curvature I would have had only seconds to leap from the right of way into a patch of weeds to the side. It would have been uncomfortable to say the least. Add to that the fact that I dropped my cell phone and only discovered the fact after I returned, so I had to retrace my steps to find it! Later I was well off the tracks in a public area when a train came by at full speed. The suction created by a train at that speed was remarkable, and I believe it could easily have pulled me off my feet and possibly under the train if I was less than 10 feet from the tracks.


Doc Geo, if a train had come while you were on that bridge your only real option would have been to lie down on the walking platform and wait it out, hoping there was nothing hanging off one of the cars. Running would have been foolish (ever see Stand by Me?). I have enough of a fear of heights that I don't need a train coming at me in such a situation. I have walked across 20-foot bridges on lines that see one 10 mph train a day and been freaked out at the drop I could see between the ties, despite the fact that I wouldn't have fit between the ties no matter how hard I tried. And I doubt I could have climbed down to that mark on your bridge without leaving finger marks in the steel.

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THAT bridge has a hand rail on it. Is that not a walkway between the handrail and tracks. Bet the trains don't go very fast on THAT bridge. I would go there, but only after checking out the habits of trains in the area; schedules, speed, etc. It should be possible to pick a time of day when no trains will be present. Remember, trains do have stuff hanging out occasionally.

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