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Ok, so, I've got my GPSr, swag, premium membership. I have looked at all the places I can go. I have barely read my GPS Users Manual...but today was going to be the day.

It was a dreary rainy morning and as I kind of bummin'. I was planning after I did some volunteer work to see how this geocaching thing worked-or if I could even find anything. BF told me to wake him before I left, so, I did. Then I told him, "We're going to go geocaching today!" In his tired not quite awake self replies, "OH GOODIE!" in this condesending tone that seemed a little harsh. Now, this might not seem funny-but I guess you just have to know BF and me. He stopped what he was saying and looks at me and says "Well, that was a little harsh wasnt it?" and we both broke out laughing :anicute:

The game plan was for me to go and volunteer, he was going to wait for UPS to get to drop off a package and when I came home, we would got, find the cache and go to the movies. Easy plan right?

Well, I get home, the UPS guy hadn't shown up and I really wanted to go figure out how to use my GPS. So, I figured out how to put the coordinates in and asked BF if I could go get the first cache without him. He hesitated and told me to go ahead.

So, in the car I go...hit find on the GPS and we were off!


I get to the spot, my GPS beeps at me to tell me I have arrived. As I pulled into the parking lot, there is a muggle. AUGH! She saw me when I came in but then fell back asleep in her car. PHEW! Safe! So, I follow the hint and there it was! Easy first find, but I didn't want to be all bummed out if I didn't find my first one. So, I called BF and told him I found it!!! :anicute: I signed the log, left my swag and took something too!


I was just bummed that I forgot my camera. I wanted to scrapbook the event. Oh well, next time!!!


This was lots of fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next weekend!!!

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I've only found 2. My first was with a friend and his GPSr. I was hooked, bought a GPSr myself and headed off during lunch one day to get my first solo find.


This struck me:

really wanted to go figure out how to use my GPS. So, I figured out how to put the coordinates


I got to the base of the hill where the cache was, and only then pulled out my GPSr and my geocaching.com printouts, and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to enter the coordinates where I wanted to go! I was sitting on a bench, and kept fiddling on how to enter the coordinates. Finally got them entered and headed off to my first solo find!

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I too did my first cache hunt last night with my kids. I had only purchased my Magellan Explorist 400 and hour prior and had no idea how to use it. Familiar with the area I just turned it on, parked and kept walking till the coordinates matched. We had so much fun but I am sure there is a simpler way. 6 hours of reading manuals and forum searching later, I'm still confused. Premium membership, geobuddy download, mapsend installed......but I still have no idea what I'm doing. So today, we're off again without a clue but alot of determination!


Congrats on the find, I really do think this will be an addicting hobby but so worth it for quality family time!

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Congradulations on your first find. I just started the middle of April but I did remember my camera and then on Easter my daughter and I when geocaching so I have a picture of her first cache. DH is not to excited about this yet but I hope it will grow on him but I am ok to go alone too. We are in Maui right now and it is a hot bed for geocaching. Not only are there lots of caches but lots of geocachers leaving all kinds of sway, tb and other items. So if you plan to travel take your GPS with you. I am still learning to use mine. Good luck

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I think you have inadvertantly found a way to make BF useful..............


Get the GPSr, camera, and BF, go back to the cache for a re-enactment, and let him take the photo.


Welcome to the madness.


Good idea, and check to make sure it's still there, it seems to have gone missing.


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I think you have inadvertantly found a way to make BF useful..............


Get the GPSr, camera, and BF, go back to the cache for a re-enactment, and let him take the photo.


Welcome to the madness.


I think you're right...see there is a small problem with having my pic taken with my GPS. EVERY trip BF and I have been on-he holds the map...and EVERY trip I have a picture of him with the map...until a recent trip to Disney. I had the map...so the photo is of ME with the map and not him. So, can you just imagine what the caption would be with me following a GPS!!! ;)


I guess this is more an inside joke between BF and me-but I'm sure you all get it.

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Congratulations on the first find and welcome to the wonderful madness of geocaching. Be warned, the addiction sets in after the 2nd or 3rd day, and you're sitting at work looking out the window trying to figure out how to leave a few minutes early so you can stop and just one cache on the way home. Have fun!



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Run, run, run!!!!

While you still have a life. Just joking. Geocaching is a lifestyle though. It will consume you. My arms always have briar scratches on them from caching. It's so addictive, but fun, and family like it. That's important.

Happy caching.


I work full time...go to school full time...this is supposed to be the thing that I do to keep myself sane...don't tell me that its going to make me crazy!!! B)


I am glad BF is planning on trying it out and seeing what it is all about. It is fun!

I like searching for treasure!!!

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:mad:My First!

Today I was coming back into central Ohio after being on vacation for the last week. I have been reading up on GC and preparing while I was away. I stopped by a local park I am familiar with for my first hunt. The weather was great, and the search was better. After my first, I paid a visit to a second park, and my second find!


What a good time. I can't wait to share this with others and look forward meeting those in my area already into GCing.

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Had my first, second and third this weekend too. Went GCing while on a stream cleanup with my cub scout pack. The park has 3 caches and we thought it would be fun for the boys to search for them. Found 1 of 3 the first day, great success I thought. I was hooked at that point. Didn't sleep that night thinking about the other 2 (not joking, it really kept me up) :D . Went back the next day and found the other 2. :blink:


Been looking for caches near work to hit during lunch and on the way home.

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