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Best ATV handlebar mount for Garmin 60csx ?

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I use the 60 series Garmin mount, $16.95, on the handlebar of my atv. Is easy to read and operate even when moving at a slow speed. Probably not the most durable but for $16.95 I thought I'd give it a try. No problems or complaints with it so far. I do attach the lanyard to the handlebar as a safety precaution.

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I also use the Lobster "Shrimp" mount on my ATV. Have one for the XL and another for the 76CSx. To me the Lobster is a better setup than the Ram, but that is just my opinion. I really like the part where you can use the cradle to hold the GPS while doing data transfer to the computer.


I am not real sure they are still in business. I know after getting mine and then doing a review of them on the ATV site that I go to, someone asked for the web address. When I went to get it for them all product information had been removed and all it showed was where you could buy them from. I later found a write up that "Ram" had sued them over patent infringement or something.

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I use the ram mount, no vibration and easily goes from my vehicle (suction cup) to ATV to my boat mount. You just loosen the extension bolt to unclamp it from the ball and place it on the other ball mounts. They have ball mounts that can hook up just to about anything. Bonus is my ATV has a lighter plugin so I don't use the batteries while driving.

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