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Can't download tracks or upload routes?


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Having used various Garmins (60csx, iQue 3600, GPS 196 air) I did not realize that current auto type Garmin GPS units apparently don't allow your to create & upload routes with a mapping program, or even download tracks.


Garmin tech support tells me that _only_ their out-of-production StreetPilot 2720 and still current 2820 has these functions. One can send waypoints back/forth and create routes that way (a hassle) but even the Nuvi a friend bought recently only provided for the ability to add ONE via to a route!


Am I missing something here? All the owners of the newer Garmin auto units have to create routes in the unit itself, they cannot save/download tracks, and only ONE via to a route?? That makes for a pretty useless GPS for our purposes.


Perhaps there's auto type models from other manufactures that have more functionality with respect to GPS <--> PC exchange?


Thanks for any input.

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