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TB logs not displaying on TB pages

MaxB on the River

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It has been a while since this problem has occurred, but it appears the TB servers are not replicating again. Logs we have received notifications of since 2:29 AM EDT 4/25/07 still don't appear on the TB pages. I just finished posting pictures for TB's all afternoon, but none appear in the TB logs for viewing. I know that it usually takes 20-30 minutes, but this has been all day. :lol:


Hope someone checks out the problem.

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Checking TB pages again this morning, still not updated correctly with notes posted yesterday 4/25, back dated to 4/23 with photos attached.

Yes I have cleared my Temp memory of pages to make sure I am getting the latest updates, but it is occuring with all the Tb's I posted on yesterday.


Visit this link and you'll see that the note was posted, but not appearing on the TB page. I logged over 40 of these notes and none of them appear to be on the TB pages.




Is anyone checking out this problem. There have been others viewing this post, so I believe others are having the same problems.

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There have been a few complaints over in the TB forum. Looks like those TB logs have caught up.



TB11ADG is showing a drop on 4/1 with no mileage update. (There were no Discover logs between the retrieve/drops)

Keystone has mentioned in a few threads a problem with syching up the data servers. It might be the root of this as well.

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