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Starting out, Lost already

Journey Man

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Out geocaching and came across numerous Benchmarks along the trail. Was in Brimfield, Hampden Co., MA. Had no camera. Wrote down everything on the marker -- year, elev., EBL#. How do I log these things in????? Also, since I'm new to the Forum, how do I reply to anyone who replies to me?!?!? :):lol:

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Read the first post on this forum page [Pinned: Me First!] It summarizes nicely how to start here.


To reply to a message on this page: click [ " REPLY ] in the bottom right corner.

To reply individually by email: click on the writer's name (underlined/hyperlinked).


Ask lots of questions 'cause there might be a prize if you stump the smart guys. :lol:

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Journey Man,


I'm assuming that the trail you are referring to is in the Brimfield State Forrest? I checked the topographic map for that area and there did not seem to be an abundence of benchmarks shown in that area. If you happened to take a lat/long measurement with your GPSr you could try the NGS website and do a radial search about those coordinates and see if anything pops up. If you don't have the coordinates you could try the name stamped on the disk by doing a station name search. Of course there are many agencies that put out disks that aren't accounted for in the NGS database. Good luck!

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