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Garmin 60 shuts off

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Ok, my Garmin 60 is doing something odd and I was just curious if anyone else has this problem or has a solution. When riding my motorcycle, my GPS will suddenly shut off. I am pretty sure it is from the vibration of the bike, but I am not sure why it does it, or how to prevent/stop it. Any ideas???



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Also, if it turns off at about the same place on the road, there is a glitch in some map sets that cause this to happen. I have two such glitches near me. Unit kills itself anytime I pass through one of these zones.


Ignoring this glitch (a known and frustrating thing for people who live near a glitch zone...)

One thing you can do is put a piece of foam behind the bent piece of metal that serves as the contact for the battery. In other words put the foam on behind that contact that isn't the spring.

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My 60cs does exactly what the original poster said when I'm on my motorcycle. I'm pretty sure mine is due to vibration only. I called garmin last night about it. They suggested the foam thing, but mine already has that. I asked if I hardwire it if that would fix the problem. He said it should but he didn't say it would for certain. Guess I'll drop $25 dollars into hardwiring it and hope it fixes it... :rolleyes:

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