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Way to go, Beverly. Congrats. :P


It's always fun to see wildlife while walking through the bush. I've been doing it for over 40 years and I still get a rush everytime I see something big. :D


Everytime *I* see something big, it seems to rush AT me! :)


Joe, you're going to have to stop wearing "Eau de Love" when you go out in the woods. :)

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For a wee lad, the Geo_Leprechaun can sure get around. I knew I had to get to my cache for some maintenance and scrambled to get there today when I saw that the lad in green had stopped by my cache. I raced up to "Rolling Stone" (GC13FK1) and sure enough, nestled amongst the fossils in the cache was a Pot of Gold.

Thanks so much G_L . :unsure: :unsure: :blink:

I left an unactivated RoboKnight coin in its place for the next cacher to trade for.



If you're enough lucky to be Irish...

You're lucky enough!

Happy Caching

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Howdy, all....


I managed to nab one of these really great coins a few days ago.... VERY exciting... and just what I needed to pick up my spirits....


I "sprained" my knee caching in CA in February.... but it doesn't seem to be healing well, and I re-injure it about once a month. I've been in physical therapy for months.... and things seemed to be getting better... until it was time to take one of our cats to the vet a couple weeks ago. She knew something was up and made a mad dash for the cat door. If I didn't get to her first, she'd make it outside and I'd never catch her, so like an idiot, I sprinted down the stairs after her.... and didn't make it. My knee gave (and then some!!) towards the last or next to last step. Pulled something in my back, too..... Long story short, an MRI showed a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus. The surgeon told me this never would have healed on its own and I should have had surgery in Feb. I was a bigger accident just waiting to happen..... So, with all of this time on my hands, I figured I'd watch this thread in the hopes that the little green dude would visit WA again... and he did. Luckily, it was a cache I could get to via crutches.... Yeah!!


A day later, the whole crutches + stairs + gravity proved to be too much, and I took a header down the stairs at home. Broke my nose. When it rains, it pours, I suppose.... Knee surgery is postponed til end of Oct.... Nose is healing. I look like I'm ready for Halloween -- no make-up required :D The up side is that I got the coin and am continuing to heal. I'll be out caching again soon....



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You sound like you need to be placed in a padded room so you can't do any more damage to yourself. LOL. These coins are certainly fantastic. The way these coins seem to appear all over, there has to be a like magic involved. Maybe the coin will magically help you overcome all the injuries. NOW THAT YOU'VE GOT THE COIN IN YOUR HANDS - SLOW DOWN and take care.

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The Geo_Leprechaun visited our event (GC14RME) today.


We were double lucky, one POT OF GOLD for our Raffle.

One POT OF GOLD for us!!!!


Nice to meet the Geo_Leprechaun!




THANKS - you know who you are. :huh:<_<:huh::)


Great to see a fellow Wyo cacher get one! Especially one I know! Sorry we couldn't be there J! But congrats on the GL Coin. And congrats to all else that have recently got one too!

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Congrats to all the recent finders and WooHoo!!! - I found one, too!!!


Here's the logs from my hunts yesterday and today for the cache "One Fish, Two Fish, I Fish, U Fish" GC1369N by Team GodinDraak in Tampa, FL. If you are in the area I recommend thier great caches as must dos!


The rest of the story is I'm on the road working and have been gone 2 weeks and won't be home until this weekend - and today is my 45th Birthday. So I'm blue and figure what better way to cure the blues then find the cache that beat me so bad yesterday! Well I finally found it and had one heckuve surprise present in there from the Geo_Leprechaun! That'll cure the blues everytime :P


Thank you very much, Geo_Leprechaun, for the very cool gift - geocoin #123 - and also to Team GodinDraak for the awesome cache hunt!







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Don't hold your breath for any more Geoleprechaun coins :laughing::D


I have captured Him :D:D And here's the proof :D




He was captured in this cache PuzzleSeeker Multi Cache


I suspect he was down under to attend the Geocoinfest Multi Event and liked this puzzle cache so much he revisited it, either that or he accidentally locked himself in side :D


Either way I grabbed him and his little pot of gold from the cache and brought him home with me for a little while.


But Don't panic fellow coiners, I will set him free in to another cache real soon so he can continue on his travels and share his lovely gold with some more of you :wacko:


Thanks GeoLeprechaun for sharing your wealth here in New Zealand. B)

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CONGRATULATIONS on your find Team chelmo. BUT A WORD OF WARNING. The local branch of "The Friends of The Leprechaun" aren't real happy about having their friend held captive. I can't hold my group of kids back to long and believe me they can do a lot of damage real quick. I suggest that you get that little guy moving quick before a lot of little jelly fingers and peanutbutter faces start showing up at the cache site. LOL

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It's official, the Geo_Leprechaun has come to Ontario because I found me some gold!


On Sunday, I took a one hour drive south to an area where I knew I could park and do a 6km walk on the Bruce Trail and look for 10 different caches as I went along. The beauty of it was that I was actually hosting a family thanksgiving dinner starting at 3:00, but I was free to go geocaching! It was a great adventure and I came home with GOLD in my pocket! (And I wasn't even late.)


Thanks Geo_Leprechaun!

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