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Good swag recommendations

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So after perusing the "junk in caches" posting below, I thought I'd start a more positive thread. I've found almost 130 caches and feel it's time to place my first few hides. I've got two ammo cans ready and waiting... the big question is... I want to lead by example, in other words the best way to "upgrade" the caching experience may be for me to do so with my own caches. So tell me, what do you stock your caches with, and what were some of the best things you have found?




Driver Carries Cache


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Mini Torches and battery

Pocket waste bags on a roll - for cito or dogs?

Girlie Trinkets

Wind up Bath Toys

Wrist Bands

Bags of marbles

Mini Highlighter pens

White eraser and sharpener set


And we've just sent off for some bags of pins and coins from oakcoins as were getting a little worried about buying plastics an unreplenishable resource!!


Have fun with your cache setting


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Cheap DVDs

Duck tape

screw drivers



mini-beanie toys

sissors (new)

matchbox cars



rubber ducks

stuffed animals

foriegn coins

misc dollar store items

misc Oriental Trading.com items

toothpick holders

ceramic coasters

pack of kids markers

emergency ponchos


emergency blanket

glow in the dark items


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