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Congratulations to The Great Redmondo

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Today The Great Redmondo consisting of Paul, Debbie, Junior Redmondo (Jess) and Teenager 1 (Joe) completed their 500th cache doing Trek to the Severn. Having done this cache just over a year ago ourselves, we know they will have enjoyed themselves. They also helped us to our 600th, so we just want to say:




Helen and Carolyn


PS Who's the Greatest Redmondo? They all are :D

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:( FAB B) FAB :) FAB :D


I guess we're never going to catch up!!! :D At one point we had the gap down to 70!! now it looks to be 100!


Well done Debs, Paul, Jess, Joe (&Ben)....I'm sure you've all contributed to the total!


All our love, till we cache together again


Sarah, Gareth, Beth and Iwan

The Morgan Mob :D

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Can we just say a really big thank you to all the kind words offered here in this thread.


We continue to be completely overwhelmed by the new friends we have made through Geocaching. A list which gets longer with each event. You have made us feel part of a very special community.


Thank you all for taking the trouble and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Debs, Paul and Children

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