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Coins and Pins 2007 CITO Geocoin


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Here is a peek at the CITO Coin that will be sold at Coins and Pins starting Sunday evening.






These coins are 1.5" and 3.5mm thick and have a great translucent color with texture underneath. They are trackable on geocaching.com and have their own icon. They come in either shiny gold or shiny silver. I am not sure of the price, but these coins will be going on sale begining 8:30 Eastern - 5:30 Pacific time at Coins and Pins.

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If you are looking for a CITO coin Coins and Pins will have this coin available soon:




If it looks a little like the "CITO Around the World" coins that's because both coins are based upon my ideas. I am holding a CITO event that is the kick off event for the 6 week long Chippewa Valley Geocaching promotion in conjunction with the visitor's bureau. Originally I thought that there would be funding available for a CITO coin from the visitor's bureau. A few weeks after I started promoting the event I was told this was not the case. Not wanting to give up on the coin I changed it to a more generic type and approached Coins and Pins and The Caching Place to see what I could do to still have a coin, without cleaning out my savings account. The original coin was a micro and neither where really interested in doing that. I had the first contact with Georgia from the Caching Place and told her that I had a different idea for a non-micro coin. That resulted in the "CITO Around the World" coins. (Thanks Georgia for all your help and the great coin!!) After I had presented that idea to the Caching Place, Coins and Pins got back to me and said they could do the original coin, but not as a micro. Well, I had a dilema................... So instead of choosing I went with both. I just hope the Coins and Pins CITO coin sells as well as the "CITO Around the World" coins did, or per our agreement, I will be buying lots of CITO coins- but at wholesale prices. :laughing: The coin idea was presented to Jamie at madhattersneverland, he did the original design and Aaron at Coins and Pins worked it into this great coin!! Just changing a few things really made the design a lot better!! Thanks Aaron and Elyssa!! I don't know the exact date, but they should be available soon.

Ordered one in each metal this morning! :rolleyes:

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