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National Science Olympiad to include geocaching!

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My son is on his middle school Science Olympiad team. They will be attending the National Science Olympiad competition in Kansas next month. I just found out that one of the trial/pilot events for this year's competition will be geocaching!


The description for the event can be found here, click on "Cache Me If You Can." The competition will NOT include the Geocaching event that is also listed on the page. The Cache Me... event sounds much more interesting.




Hopefully they will set it up like last year's; from the description on page 3, numbers 7, 8, 10 and 11, it looks like there will be actual swag!


Hopefully our state competition will include geocaching next year so I can help coach! I was the team coach for the anatomy event this year. Learning the parts and function of the nervous system is not nearly as interesting or fun as geocaching.

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wow what a lot to do in half an hour........would take me at least an hour to complete that lot! Especially the running round the track bit! (make that five hours!)


Hope they all have a fantastic time it rally looks a lot of fun.


Do the students have lessons in using their gps units prior to the events?


take care all


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