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Geocaching on the TV again (Scotland this time)

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What a shame! The video link doesn't appear to be working. I was looking forward to seeing the littlest of the 3Gs (Third Generation)in a starring role. ;)


Works for me, its a .wmv file so Internet Explorer on Windows works best, and you need to click on the text "Geocaching video report in Windows Media format", if you click on the picture (which is the intuitive thing to do) you just get the picture gallery.

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The video link is now working. A good piece of PR well done the Perthshire Cachers. I would have loved to have came along, but it clashed with my CITO event, pity really? :P


Looks like wee 3G didn't get as much publicity as she would have liked, and AB probably got more than what she wanted? ;)


Geocaching shown in a good piece of light well done to all involved. :):):D:D:D

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Silly me! Got it to work now.


Recognised a few people! Allieballie's strategy for avoiding the camera didn't quite work, then!! (She was the one at the end in the pink shirt).


Wondered about "the aim is to get there first" - not quite right! And "people are coming from all over the world to find these boxes"??


Good stuff, though: we should see a rise in local cachers.

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