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SwedenHawk Personal Geocoin

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I'm glad to be able to show you my Personal Geocoin.

It took a me a while to finish it, but now I have the coins in my hands. :)



- 1,5 Zoll

- backside 3D, frontside 2D

- trackable at geocaching.com

- own Icon (like frontside)


There are two metals, nickel and black nickel.

Both versions are available in two finishes.


100 pieces of each are with soft enamel colors. These ones you can buy from (www.geocoinshop.de).


There are 50 pieces of each metal with hard enamel colors for trading purpose.

If you want to trade please write a mail to axel(at)tafl(dot)de . I collect all trackable geocoins, so feel free to make an offer.

My online tradelist: http://www.utahgeocachers.com/GeoCoin/GeoC...amp;OwnerID=167


With best regards from Germany,

Axel (SwedenHawk)


black front: 657593f6-516f-4422-acf2-d5902e2a42bb.jpg

black back: 87ec96be-5ec7-4c8f-b852-08a2c35a276b.jpg

nickel front: e2d77887-0a04-48c3-a202-297ce94ee064.jpg

nickel back: 7ac69d8e-9eef-4b98-8d24-ac33f2a380d4.jpg

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I like how you put your other hobbies on the coin. We should do a coin like that with our other hobbies. Oh wait, we don't have any other hobbies. Is drinking beer considered a hobby or a profession? :)



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Thanks to all, who make my personal coin such a success.


There are only a few left at geocoinshop.de (24 nickel and 37 black nickel)...

They are limited, so these are the last SwedenHawk 2007 coins you can buy or trade.




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The last 22 black nickel SwedenHawk coins are still available.

The nickel ones are sold out already. :laughing:

There will be no rerun and no additional version of these coin.

So this is the last chance to get one of my coins (with hawk icon) :(

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