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Improve your French!

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Voulez-vous Caché avec moi, ce soir? :)


PS: Am I to understand that Railtrack have given a blanket permission to set caches under main line tracks? How cool! :)


The line closed in 1934. It's a great "lost place". You could place a huge 20-stage multicache around it, which would take a day or more to complete on foot.

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We're just back from Paris and we passed up on this one - not the nicest spot in Paris. The line indeed has been closed for a long time and the only problem apart from the area is how to get access to the tracks for GC10N8B.


Finding the entry point is the whole point of the cache! ;) I thought the area was OK. Not the Champs Elysées, but not Moss Side either.


Geocaching is slowly taking off in France .... oh so slowly!


We're "simply" four years behind the UK, in terms of caches in the country. But we're doubling every 8-9 months right now, which may well be faster than the UK.




I trashed it out. :P

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You are that bloke out of Blackadder AICMFP ;)


That would be Lord Flashheart then? :P


You're not the first person to allege a likeness with the person I think you're thinking of. I'm not sure if that's worse than being compared to John Cleese or not, especially as most people bring Cleese out when I'm having a strop - gestures resembling beating hitting an Austin Maxi with branches tend to get made.

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Actually, I presumed Alex was referring to chinless wonder Capt. Darling.




One of the cricket teams I play against sledges me with "come on Darling" etc etc.


However, as my wife thinks Rik Mayall is sexy, I'll just say: Woof! Woof! and stick with Lord Flash.

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