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eTrex rubber band coming off

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I have had the same problem with my Vista for a couple of years now and I found that a black RTV type silicone adhesive # 270 that can be found in any hardware or automotive store works great. It seems once the original glue that was used to secure the rubber gets warmed in the sun or left to sit on the dash of the car will soften it up and then it comes off quite easily. Just remove the rubber and clean thoroughly with an alcohol based cleaner before reglueing and you should be good to go. Hope that helps.

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we emailed garmin and 3 days later got a new cover with the glue gasket to install


give us great service


Most of us, who've contacted Garmin in the past year, have been told to send the unit for refurbish, which surprises me seeing they sent you a replacement. A few years back, I had the same happen when I had the band on a classic Legend (clear blue) actually split, once the glue let go. When I sent the email, I was asked for a shipping address, and UPS showed-up with a box big enough to contain a GPS-60s, with two air-pillows, the new band and a cad-cam cut (like they do for custom auto decals) tape strip. (which I had the hardest time getting the outside covering off,)


Stephen (gelfling6)

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Go with this suggestion--I did and it works like a charm. Before I put the band back on, though, I put it in the freezer for a few hours. That didn't shrink it back to the original size, but it did get rid of some of the slack.

I did call Garmin, and they wanted $89, which would have been a refurbed unit. Why spend that when a few bucks on silicone fixed it.

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Black rtv silicon. The important part is to be sure to get off all the old glue from both the rubber band and the unit without damaging the clear seam tape that sits on the unit. It looks like scotch tape but I believe it actually keeps the unit water resistant. I used isopropyl accohol in very small amounts and elbow grease. Keep going until its no longer sticky.Be sure to carefully line up the pips on the buttons, and cure the glue prior to using. Most people suggest putting it in a hot car (yup, the problem source is also its solution). Mine hasn't been a problem since. Been using it daily for a year.

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