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A DeLorme Challenge Cache for North Dakota.

Totem Clan

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I would like to know if anyone is interested in having a Delorme Challenge Cache for the State of North Dakota.


If you would like more info on what a Delorme Challenge is, here is the PA Delorme Challenge. Here is the Bookmark of all the DeLorme Chalenge Caches in the U.S.


I know I would love to see it happen. However we still have a few pages in the atlas dotted around the state that are cacheless. If you are interested at all please let me know.

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I'm interested in getting a "Prairie Rose Challenge" for North Dakota going this summer. I have to talk with a private party about hiding the ammo can on their land. The challenge would be to get 1 find in each of the 53 countries of North Dakota. If there is no active cache-you can get credit by placement of a new cache (using the 100 mile rule). This is based on what KB has done in Minnesota.


The hardest part is getting permission-I have been turned down by several local governments in ND-so maybe that is why this state is dead last in caches.


I have also been in contact with he ND DOT about placement of caches at their rest stops. I received a reply on April 17th stating they would get back to me on this issue. :anicute:

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