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i have been looking at hoasting an event darrrnnnnn saaaalllfffffff.


would any one be intrested maby for august kinda time. hope it to be london way i have found a really nice campsite but need a rough idear on numbers so can find out if they have enough space for us lot.




oh yes!!!


we 're on hols in august at some point (not booked yet) so assuming we're in the country, we'll be there... If you get a date for it sorted, we'll probably arrange our hols around it!


Bring on the summer!



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Used to be in the youth section of a camping club down that way many moons ago. The places we used to frequent were...

Brands Hatch Race Circuit, a place just south of Goudhurst on the road to Bedgebury Pinetum (forget the name), A school for asthmatic kids in Seaford (they used to challenge us to a footy match, and usually beat us 20-0), Blackland Farm Guide Camp (now more of an activity centre i think), and Wilberforce Scout Camp near bromley (we were not scouts, but we used to camp there, and had food prepared for us indoors as it was winter camp).

August is school holidays though, so a busy time. Plus my camping trip is in Scotland at that time.


Dunno if any of that helps.

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right i have spoken to the camp site who unforchantly can not put us all up as they only have a very small rally field. i have called anothe place who instantly said they were not intrested (maby they have heared of us before) so if any one knowes of a camp site that i can call plz let me know location of london ish.




Have a look at UKCampsite Search facility many have reviews posted by visitors to the sites.

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