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Posting a picture on the Cache information page

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What I did was to preapre my HTML text and inserted my picture into the text where I wanted it.


I then created my cache page on geocaching.com.


I then uploaded my picture (via the listing page)


I then viewd the picture on the listing page and noted the URL in the address box (copy & paste)


I then went back to edit my listing and where the path for my original picture was I replaced it with the URL I had copied.


Then when you return to the listing .... voila


hope this helps



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I have put pics on alot of my cache pages.I know there is an easy way to do it but I am not good enough with the PC to make it easy.Someone with more knowlage about HTML and copy and paste should be able to tell you the easy way to do it.

First you need to upload an Image to the cache page.Then click on the icon (camara)And copy and paste the URL to your discription on the cache past.Go to edit listing and Be sure to check the box that says "The disscriptions below are in HTML".

Im sure someone can explain this prossess a lot better than I have.

Looks like Keystone typed faster than I did and had the info you need.

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