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Question for Lowrance Ifinder Experts

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I'm using GSAK to download waypoints onto my 1GB SD card. I down loaded 862 waypoints to the card, but when I try to load them from the card to the GPS I get an error that I have run out of memory. When I check free storage, it only shows 25 full%.


Do I have too many comments associated with each waypoint? My waypoint file size on the SD card shows 102K.


What am I missing or doing wrong?




Badger Cachers

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You get the error because your internal memory is full. You can have, I think 1,000 points in the internal memory, and an unlimited number on the storage card. Try to think of the storage card and internal memory as being separate.


In order to load your GSAK waypoints, you first have to delete all of the waypoints in internal memory. I forget the sequence now and my iFinder is at home. It think it is something like Menu, Menu, Delete All My Waypoints.


Keep in mind, though, that this option will do as advertised. If you're just deleting waypoints from an old GSAK file, then you're okay. If you've marked some of your own waypoints, then you should first save these waypoints to your storage card as a .usr file. Pretty sure I got this one right: Menu, Menu, GPS Setup, Load. Then tell it that you want to save data to the card. Name the file and save it to the card. Then, delete all waypoints. Then, load the new GSAK file.

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